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Clini Clip Spray 235 Ml
Clini Clip Spray 235 Ml
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-Ready to use clipper blade disinfectant and cleaner
-Bacterial, Fungicidal, Virucidal, and Tuberculocidal
-Dries fast and effectively kills microorganisms8 oz.; 6 inches tall; Recommended for professional --blade maintenance.
-It work as a Clipper blade disinfectant and cleaner .
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Wahl clini clip spray is quite effective and very simple to use. It kills the microorganisms within three minutes of coming in contact and it has to be at room temperature. It is quite helpful in disinfecting the hard surfaces like that of a clipping blade. You can find these disinfectants easily on the internet and at attractive prices. This product is practical buy for your dog as it encourages good health and ensure a smart look for the pet.
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