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Super Foam Dog Coat Dressing 460ml
Super Foam Dog Coat Dressing 460ml
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-Gives Body and Manageability to coat
-Effective, economical and safest coat dressing
-Excellent for coated breeds
-Prevents dryness of skin and coat
-Does not contains harsh chenicals
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Bio-Groom Super Foam Coat Dressing Lanolin Enriched Super Foam Coat Dressing specially designed by BIO-DERM labaroties is the most effective, most economical and safest Coat Dressing available. Super foam gives body to the coat and manageability for fluffing an the grooming - leaving the coat in top show condition. Excellent for coated breeds. The Lanolin in this Coat Dressing helps in preventing dryness of skin and coat. Does not contain alcohol, liquor or any other harsh chemicals.
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